Investigator-Sponsored Trial Requests Click Here

In a continuing effort to address unmet medical needs, Otsuka supports independent investigator-sponsored research.

Investigator-sponsored research should have the potential to impact the disease state area of investigation and be clinically sound with attainable objectives. Examples of investigator-sponsored research that Otsuka may support are:

  • Interventional clinical studies
  • Non-interventional studies (e.g. meta-analyses and pooled analyses, observational studies including epidemiology and health outcome studies, chart reviews)
  • Pre-clinical research (animal or in vitro studies) involving Otsuka medicinal products

Otsuka may provide financial support and/or study drug but is not the study sponsor and does not assume any sponsor obligations. The sponsor for an IST (e.g. investigator, research institution, medical network) is accountable for the conduct of all aspects of the study in accordance with Good Clinical Practices (GCP).

Otsuka limits its communication with the sponsor to pharmacovigilance, safety and budget-related queries and clarification. Otsuka will not provide feedback that may alter the study materially or influence endpoints.

This information pertains only to organizations based in the United States.

Healthcare Related Charitable Contributions Click Here

Otsuka is committed to better health worldwide and in our communities. To strengthen our community ties, we support nonprofit organizations whose missions align with Otsuka’s areas of interest. These may include programs or activities that:

  • Address the needs of the underserved and/or minority populations
  • Advocate on behalf of patients and/or their family caregivers

Examples of charitable contributions that Otsuka may support include community health fairs, charity “walks”, patient education initiatives and tier-level sponsorships of fundraising events.

All charitable contributions must serve a clearly defined, legitimate charitable purpose and Otsuka may only receive an incidental benefit from any such contributions. Use of charitable contribution funds is at the sole discretion of the recipient and is not directed by Otsuka. Recipients must attest that all funds will be used for the purpose indicated in the charitable contribution request.

This information pertains only to organizations based in the United States.

Independent Medical Education Grant Requests Click Here

Independent educational initiatives eligible for consideration must be designed to improve patient outcomes by:

  • Addressing validated professional practice gaps and unmet educational needs of healthcare professionals
  • Advancing the practice of medicine

Independent medical education grants may be payable to organizations including academic medical centers, for-profit medical education companies, medical specialty societies, etc. Educational activities may or may not be accredited. Examples may include: satellite symposia, enduring materials, grand rounds and fellowships.

The requesting organization is solely responsible for the selection of faculty, program content, educational method, logistical management, outcomes measurement, etc. Otsuka has no role in the development or implementation of the activity.

This information pertains only to organizations based in the United States.